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Social Work with Groups

a journal of community and clinical practice

Publisher: Routledge

ISSN: 0160-9513 (Print), 1540-9481 (Online)

Volume: 34

Publication Frequency: 4 issues per year

CALL FOR PAPERS: Non-Deliberative Forms of Practice: Activities and Creative Arts in Social Work with Groups

FREE ACCESS: “But I'm Too Stressed to Learn About Groups!:” Using Stress-Management Groups to Teach Group Work Skills

FREE ACCESS: Mutual Aid Group Work: Social Work Leading the Way to Recovery-Focused Mental Health Practice

FREE ACCESS: Learning to Speak Out About Racism: Youths' Insights on Participation in an Intergroup Dialogues Program

Special Issue: IASWG Standards for Social Work with Groups: Research, Teaching and Practice

FREE ACCESS: Releasing the Steam: An Evaluation of the Supporting Tempers, Emotions, and Anger Management (STEAM) Program for Element

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FREE ACCESS: Concepts for Effective Facilitation of Open Groups

FREE ACCESS: Using Student Task Groups to Teach Group Process and Development

FREE ACCESS: Autism Spectrum Disorders: Building Social Skills in Group, School, and Community Settings

FREE ACCESS: Song to Self: Promoting a Therapeutic Dialogue with High-Risk Youths Through Poetry and Popular Music

FREE ACCESS: The Purpose, Benefits, and Challenges of “Check-in” in a Group-work Class

FREE ACCESS: A Review of Effectiveness of Group Work with Children of Divorce

FREE ACCESS: Group Work and Social Justice: Designing Pedagogy for Social Change

FREE ACCESS: Transforming Trauma and Empowering Children and Adolescents in the Aftermath of Disaster Through Group Work

FREE ACCESS: Community Organizing for Social Justice: Grassroots Groups for Power

Aim & Scope

Social Work with Groups is a unique quarterly journal of community and clinical practice, and an important reference publication for those in the social work profession who value and seek to understand the small group. The journal addresses the issues of group work in psychiatric, rehabilitative, and multipurpose social work and social service agencies; crisis theory and group work; the use of group programs in clinical and community practice; and basic group competencies for all social work professionals. The contributions reflect a sophisticated knowledge of the use of the group as a learning medium and a highly developed understanding of instructional technology in the teaching of social group work knowledge and skills.
Peer Review Policy: All research articles in this journal have undergone editorial screening and blind peer review, most often by at least two or three reviewers.