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The Arts Therapy Arena provides professionals, researchers, instructors and students in Arts Therapy with information on the range of books and journals by Psychology Press, Routledge Mental Health and Guilford Press, as well as links to various online resources, including societies and associations, upcoming conferences, and support groups

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  1. Child Centered Play Therapy

    Bring Garry Landreth into your classroom to demonstrate Child Centered Play Therapy in action!

    This DVD is a perfect complement to Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship, giving students, instructors, supervisors, and practitioners visual reinforcement of the material presented in the text. It shows a complete and unrehearsed play therapy session, featuring Garry Landreth working with a young girl in a fully-eqipped play therapy room.

    Landreth provides audio commentary throughout to highlight key moments in the session and emphasize the basic principles of the child centered approach. Viewers will find watching this master therapist and pioneer of play therapy to be a unique and valuable teaching and learning opportunity.

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New Titles

  1. Body Image and Identity in Contemporary Societies

    Just Published The contributors of Body Image and Identity in Contemporary Societies explore the complex social, political and aesthetic interconnections between body image and identity. It is an in-depth study that allows for new perspectives in the analysis of contemporary visual art and literature but also reflects on how these social constructs inform clinical treatment.

  2. Alchemy and Psychotherapy

    Alchemy and Psychotherapy explores the issue of alchemy in the consulting room and its application to social and political issues. This book argues against the dominant discourse in contemporary psychotherapy - scientific materialism - and for the discovery of spiritual meaning.

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  1. The Handbook of Art Therapy, 3rd Edition

    The Handbook of Art Therapy has become the standard introductory text into the theory and practice of art therapy in a variety of settings. This comprehensive book concentrates on the work of art therapists: what they do, where they practice, and how and why art and therapy can combine to help the search for health and understanding of underlying problems. 

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Research & Reference

  1. Psychology Revivals: Bringing Out-of-Print Books Back to Life

    Imogen Burch is the editor for Psychology Revivals, Psychology Library Editions, and Routledge Library Editions in Mental Health. We caught up with Imogen in the Taylor & Francis office in Hove to find out more about the program.

  2. Rediscover - have you heard what’s new?

    With over 50,000 eBooks across the humanities, social sciences and education, Taylor & Francis eBooks provides direct access to a wealth of quality academic content for research and study.

    New for 2015! All titles purchased by your institution from March 1st 2015 will be DRM-free, meaning that you can access, print, and copy and paste without any restrictions at all. In addition, new powerful filtered search enables you to effortlessly reach the most relevant content. Rediscover how tandfebooks can help you!

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General Interest

  1. New in Paperback—Browse the Catalog

    Routledge Psychology and Mental Health is pleased to offer new, affordable paperback versions of key classic texts.

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  1. New Year, New You

    Routledge is pleased to offer you a collection of resources designed to help you and your clients make and stick to positive changes in the new year. Download the free eBook, New Year, New You: Tips and Strategies for Self-Improvement!

  2. Download New Year, New You

    Routledge Mental Health wants to help you start off 2015 on the right foot. Download a free copy of New Year, New You and make this one your best year yet.

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Arts Therapy Societies

  • The UK Society for Play and Creative Arts Therapies

    The UK Society for Play and Creative Arts Therapies is a not for profit organisation dedicated to promoting the use of play and creative arts as ways of enabling children to reach their full potential.

  • Association for Dance Movement Therapy UK

    ADMTUK aims to develop communication amongst dance movement therapists and promote its use throughout the United Kingdom in accordance with the highest professional standards. The Association works with the other art therapy professions in the UK (music, drama, art) and is active in the continuing development of a European Dance Movement Therapy network and supports international sharing.

  • The Association of Professional Music Therapists (APMT)

    The Association of Professional Music Therapists was formed in 1976 and supports the development of the profession as well as acting as a central point of contact for music therapists providing information regarding music therapy, practice, training and events. The APMT works closely with the charity The British Society for Music Therapy and further information relating to the work of the BSMT will be added to this site soon.

  • British Association of Art Therapists

    The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) is the professional organisation for art therapists in the United Kingdom and has its own Code of Ethics of Professional Practice.

  • The British Association of Dramatherapists

    The British Association of Dramatherapists is the professional organisation for Dramatherapists in the United Kingdom.

  • British Society for Music Therapy

    The British Society for Music Therapy was founded in 1958 by Juliette Alvin and her colleagues under the name of 'Society for Music Therapy and Remedial Music' with the object of promoting the use and development of music therapy.

  • British Association of Play Therapists

    The Association of Play Therapists was founded in 1992 by a group of now respected practitioners who introduced and pioneered Play Therapy within Britain. As the first and foremost professional association for Play Therapy in the United Kingdom, ‘British’ was added to its name in 1996 to avoid confusion with its American counterpart.

  • The Israeli Association of Creative and Expressive Therapies

    The Israeli Creative and Expressive Arts Therapies Association was founded in 1971, and was registered as a non-profit organization. It functions as a voluntary organization with no governmental or public support since its inception.

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Arts Therapy Blogs

  • Arts in Health & Care is a collection of art therapy, arts in therapy, creative arts and expressive therapies information site.
  • ToolBoxCounselling is a blog by Lynda Howells, an experienced Counsellor and Coach who uses conventional "talking" methods plus Art, Sand and Play Therapy.
  • Livedbody-Embodiedlife is a blog by Marina, a Dance Movement Psychotherapist (RDMP PGDip), a Dance Practitioner (BA Hons) and Ballet Teacher (RAD RTS).
  • Les Arts Santé is a blog (written in both English and French) by the Arts Therapist at the Douglas Institute, a psychiatric teaching hospital in Quebec, Canada.
  • Art Therapy explores the arts as a catalyst for healing and therapy. It is also designed to showcase art, artists, and anything creative – hopefully inspiring others to explore and create for themselves.

If you blog regularly about Arts Therapy then please let us know.

Please note: We are not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or other materials on or available from these sites.

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